Full- & Part-Time Remote SDR Role For Experienced Sales Professionals - The Sales Developers

Full- & Part-Time Remote SDR Role For Experienced Sales Professionals

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California-based sales technology & services firm, The Sales Developers, announces employment opportunities for full and part-time remote SDR work.

After taking on a seed round and making two acquisitions in their first year in business, The Sales Developers continue to hire sales talent to service their clients, but with a new twist.

The role of SDR has traditionally been viewed as an entry point into inside sales, especially in the software industry. However, The Sales Developers say they are seeking experienced sales professionals who are looking for a way to leverage their experience and be fairly compensated to focus entirely on sales activities.

Co-founder and COO, Rex Biberston, says, “We’ve built a sales development process we’ve nicknamed the ‘Lambo’ – it delivers sales conversations at incredible speeds. Rather than handle sales meetings, memos, and email copy, our reps spend their time generating new business for our clients over the phone. This appeals to the experienced sales pro whose passion is sales, not all the other stuff that normally comes with it. You bring the sales chops and we’ll bring the rest.”

Due to the high velocity of their work, SDRs at The Sales Developers can produce the same number of conversations as a typical full-time rep in a fraction of the time. This has opened up the possibility of more than full-time employment: now sales professionals working a job elsewhere can take advantage of one or two hours a day outside their work schedule to act as a part-time SDR. Think of it like Uber for sales development.

While they’ve built a headquarters in Sacramento, CA, the majority of team members are distributed across the US and Canada. All SDR roles are entirely remote, whether working from a home office or shared work space. CEO Ryan Reisert says, “We don’t care if you’re calling from the beach as long as you’ve got WiFi and are ready to field sales conversations!”

If you are interested in joining The Sales Developers team, find out more here.

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