The Sales Developers Raises $500K Seed Investment to Drive Modern Outbound Sales Market Expansion | The Sales Developers

The Sales Developers Raises $500K Seed Investment to Drive Modern Outbound Sales Market Expansion

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In a continued effort to help B2B businesses scale up outbound sales, California-based The Sales Developers, Inc. has acquired $500K in funding after only 6 months of operation.

After writing the best-selling book on outbound sales, Outbound Sales, No Fluff, co-founders Ryan Reisert and Rex Biberston were reminded by readers that, while the formula of sales is simple, the execution is incredibly difficult. In order to serve the growing need for guidance in outbound sales delivery, they formed The Sales Developers in April 2018.

Within six months of operation, The Sales Developers raised a $500K seed round led by Parsec Ventures. Parsec Ventures invests in high growth, subscription-based technology companies. CEO of Parsec Ventures, Richard Steel, states, “We are excited to see the team’s hard work result in consistent month-over-month revenue growth, and are thrilled with the market response to Message Builder and UpLevel. The rate of repurchase we are seeing from clients underscores that The Sales Developers proprietary software, services, and data are absolutely the best in the business. B2B sales is hard. The Sales Developers make it easier, and that is always in high demand.”

The Sales Developers is now leading the way for how B2B companies engage with today’s buyers. With their expertise in sales technology and methodology, they work alongside their clients who don’t know where to start in their outbound sales efforts, or who have a current SDR team, but need to achieve better results. They also help generalists who don’t have time to find new deals and close them. CEO Ryan Reisert says, “We’ve built our careers driving top of funnel sales opportunities. With this funding, we can go above and beyond delivering our learnings as a service so our clients can fill their funnels to the brim.”

This additional funding has allowed The Sales Developers to make key, experienced hires, thus enabling them to leverage their expertise more than ever before to the benefit of their clients.

The company has acquired SalesWolf (rebranded as UpLevel), a technology built to help sales professionals master cold calling. And in their effort to lead the sales industry with data that is researched, fully enriched, and 100% accurate, they also acquired top brand in quality data, Steward.

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