The Sales Developers Welcomes Adam Johnson as Chief Revenue Officer | The Sales Developers

The Sales Developers Welcomes Adam Johnson as Chief Revenue Officer

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Adam Johnson’s prior roles as Head of Sales in financial publishing and ad-tech companies provides the expertise to accelerate growth within The Sales Developers.

Adam Johnson has officially joined The Sales Developers as of April 22, 2019. Adam brings 19 years experience in sales to his new role as Chief Revenue Officer. He will be responsible for aligning sales, marketing, and partnerships in order to drive revenue, grow the company, and manage the quickly expanding team of high performing individuals that make up The Sales Developers. With this new opportunity, Adam states, “I’m eager to start learning from everyone in this organization, as well as from active and passive clients, in order to best understand what inspires them to invest in The Sales Developers. We have very ambitious growth goals over both the short and long term, but as the NBA great, Robert Horry, says, “Pressure bursts pipes, but also creates diamonds”.”

Adam has sold and led sales teams from all levels in advertising, SaaS, real estate, telecommunications, and HR. In 2005, he started work for an ad-tech company and became Head of Sales in 2013, where he successfully led the revenue division through a merger, acquisition, and successful uplisting to NASDAQ. In 2017, he became Head of Sales for the online financial publishing company, Mitre Media. In that role, he worked with advertising agencies and Fortune 500 advertisers and helped spearhead yet another successful merger/spin-off. Looking forward, Adam states, “I feel like I’ve been building toward this role for my entire sales career. I’m a student of both the art and science of sales, and The Sales Developers have “bottled” something truly special in optimizing both. Sales, inherently, is about inspiring people, and the inspiration and momentum throughout this dynamic organization made my decision an easy one, and I’m looking forward to taking this young company to new heights.”

Adam has served in the United States Air Force as a weatherman and had an honorable discharge in 1999 where he went right into the sales after that. He earned his associates degree while in the Air Force and completed a high potential leadership program through Harvard Business School. Originally from Seattle, he remains a Seattle sports fan but now resides with his wife and three children in Ridgefield, Connecticut, right outside of New York City.

The Sales Developers CEO, Ryan Reisert, says, “We couldn’t be more excited to have Adam on board with us. His expertise in sales will help us scale to new heights and his high-quality leadership and strategy skills will help us continue to grow and provide the best service to our clients.”

If you have questions regarding our new hire or additional openings, please contact us here. And go say hi to Adam over on LinkedIn!

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