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Earn more sales conversations with no additional effort.

Maximize every selling opportunity.

And remove the waste at the top of your sales funnel.

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No Manual Research

Cut out manual lead research performed by reps during selling hours.

Eliminate Sales Effort

Eliminate Sales Waste

Eliminate wasted sales efforts that never result in a win, including bounced emails, bad social profiles, and phone numbers.


More Conversations

Earn more sales conversations by focusing your sales team on the right channels per prospect to maximize every attempt.

We can help with that.

You send us your data and we send you back a curated list with each channel confirmed as valid, invalid, or bad, plus all relevant details from each call attempt.


We build a list for you or maximize your existing data through our enrichment & validation processes.


We craft messaging that sounds like your brand and speaks to your buyer.


We utilize the phone for cold outbound and email for follow up on conversations.


Determine the best path for maximum impact. No long-term agreements required.

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Maximize Every Attempt

By focusing on only validated channels and simply keeping effort consistent, your reps will earn more conversations every day.

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Save Time

Every attempt to reach a prospect in an invalid channel is a waste of your most precious resource: selling time.

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Greater message effectiveness

Since you’re not worried about an email bouncing or the call reaching a fax tone, and you’ve got all the contextual data you need, your reps can spend more time crafting just the right message.

How our data validation works.

Our team is highly specialized in delivering accurate, actionable data that won’t waste your time.

Verified Emails

We check every email address for deliverability (including catchalls).

Confirmed Phone Numbers

We call every phone number to confirm that it reaches your target prospects directly, their voicemail with recorded name, or an admin that confirms path.

Authorized Social Profiles

We review every social profile provided for accuracy of title and current employment (when prospects can be found on LinkedIn).

Documented Phone Paths

We document all phone path details including extension, phone tree path, and gatekeeper name when possible.

Ideal Client Profile

Find out who your next best customer is.

We’ll handle everything: data, messaging, technology, training, management, and optimization.

Your Ideal Client Profile

Who is your next best customer? Stop guessing and getting it wrong; use math to know the answer. We’ll provide real answers from real prospects in a specific slice of your potential market to determine future growth opportunities.

Your Perfect Fit

Having a hard time determining who is a fit with research alone? Never set another unqualified meeting. No more wasted conversations, even at the SDR level (which costs you a lot even though they aren’t AEs).

Our clients

Driving modern outbound for leading brands
Hopp Consulting Group

Here are my actual client numbers showing how important validated data really is:

Database list (no validation): 287 contacts, 2.3% dial to connect rate
Database list with validation by The Sales Developers: 154 contacts w/valid numbers, 9% dial to connect rate.

If you’re looking for data validation that produces 4X your outbound success, contact The Sales Developers. You won’t regret it.

Kevin Hopp


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Earn more sales conversations today.

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