Are Buyer Preferences Changing? | Sales Engagement Strategies

Are Buyer Preferences Changing?

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Sales Showdown: Are Buyer Preferences Changing & Does It Matter?

Sales has changed more in the last 10 years than in the preceding 100.
According to our friend and Founder & CEO of The Bridge Group, Trish Bertuzzi, it’s the buyers who have changed. Their preferences, their needs, and their communication expectations. This is why we must think through our current sales engagement strategies to keep up with these changes.

We think it comes down to the sales reps. We've gotten lazy and abandoned the fundamentals - target, message, channel, timing. Buyers still want us to solve their problems and nothing else. Click To Tweet

In this webinar, Rex Biberston and Trish discuss buyer preferences, how sales has changed, and what to do about it. You’ll learn:

  • How to stop boring your prospects to death
  • How to uncover the best outreach strategies for your market
  • Whether it’s your fault or your buyers’ fault that your sales aren’t where you want them

Watch the recording here:

Key takeaways:


1. Stop boring your prospects to death.

When it comes to reaching your buyers, it’s easy to default to the latest trends. We’ve all read a blog post about an email template or subject line that claims to be “the one” that will hook your buyers. That might sound great, until it quickly becomes overused. What will actually hook your buyers are stories that speak to their pain, which will be more effective than any “winning” template on the internet. It’s easy to get caught up in hitting activity goals and completely forget about personalization. But when it comes to contacting your buyers, put in the extra effort to place yourself in their shoes and visualize being on the receiving end. Sales reps should never get lazy and choose the channel they prefer, but always choose the buyer’s preferred channel. If you’re a sales leader, you should be enabling your reps by providing consistent, effective messaging for them.

2. Uncover the best outreach strategies for your market.

Even if a particular channel is working for your buyers, it’s important to not abandon every other channel. You can’t guess your way through buyer preferences, but you can find out! Trish Bertuzzi’s best practice for this is to ask her clients to text her what their preferred method of communication is, which always provides her with an answer. Although your buyer personas may prefer phone, there will always be individuals who still prefer email. Don’t be lazy and guess your way through your channels. Ask, test, optimize, and move on. Check out this ebook from The Bridge Group that provides real insights on what makes buyers stop, listen and ultimately, engage.

3. Why stories matter so much.

50% of the time, we lose sales to the status quo because there’s the fear and cost of change. You have to dig deep and have great conversations with people to see their pain and show them how you can help. Stories are one of the most effective ways to do so. Reinforce your stories by embedding real world data. Don’t overwhelm your buyers. Use various touch points to tell different parts of the story. We should always focus on nailing our messaging, then experiment with channels. Sometimes channels don’t even matter as much if your messaging hits home with your buyer.


Let us know in the comments below if you believe buyer preferences have changed or if sales has changed because we’ve abandoned the fundamentals!

If you have questions about buyer preferences, need help with consistent messaging for your reps, or want to know about our next webinar, contact us here and we’ll fill you in on the details.

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