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About Us

We support B2B organizations actively investing in growth.

We're modern outbound sales experts

We’ve spent our careers filling the top of the funnel for high growth sales teams. Now we’re leveraging that experience for our clients.

Continuous improvement

We’re committed to helping our clients continuously improve with the framework and skills to fill their sales pipeline with highly qualified opportunities.

Process, process, process

We can never fail by trying – we only fail by repeating the same mistakes over and over again.​

Customer Commitment

We believe that every great sales effort requires a consistent commitment to the process.

Our Story

The Book

In 2017 we wrote the best-selling book, Outbound Sales, No Fluff. It was quickly adopted as the text of choice for teaching the fundamentals to college students, new hires, and aspiring salespeople across the globe.

The Brand

We’re now the team called upon by B2B organizations actively investing in growth when they need modern outbound sales expertise delivered with no fluff and total commitment to excellence. We provide premium quality contact data, outbound prospecting services, and expert consulting to consistently fill your sales buckets.

The Formula

If the fundamentals can fit in a 50-page book, how hard can they be? While the formula is simple, the execution is incredibly difficult. It takes an understanding of the way buyers engage today combined with a knowledge of the best in sales technology and methodology.


Our Values

Put Clients Before Profits

When faced with the choice between what’s best for a prospect or client and maximizing our profit, we put the client first. Always.

Share The Good Stuff

We share what we know – with our team, with our clients, and with the world. We don’t get ahead by leaving others behind – we get ahead by constantly innovating.

Pay Yourself Last

We pay employees, contractors, and vendors on time. If we hire or buy from you, we will pay you before we pay ourselves.

Question Every Assumption

We’d rather test a hypothesis and be wrong than accept the status quo blindly.

Underpromise, Overdeliver

We don’t promise results we can’t deliver and we push ourselves to deliver ahead of the promised schedule.

Help Each Other

If you’re not willing to provide backup or support to a team member, you shouldn’t be on the team.

Our clients

Driving modern outbound for leading brands
Before our engagement with The Sales Developers, our biggest challenge we faced was gaining first conversations and cutting down the time it took to get those. Being in an industry with rapid adoption, getting our foot in the door early is key to acquiring customers. The Sales Developers installed a repeatable process for our team and solved the challenge of bandwidth. Within weeks the team was having more conversations with the right people than we had in the six months prior.
Varun Badhwar - Co-Founder & CEO, RedLock
Varun Badhwar
Co-Founder & CEO, RedLock
Working with Ryan and Rex has been a real eye opener for our business. They are clearly experts in their field, so having the opportunity to absorb some of their knowledge and experience was something that we didn’t want to miss out on. The audit process alone has offered us both insight and inspiration that we are already taking forward into our existing sales model. We are also excited about continuing our relationship with them to further tune our growing sales function.
Bradley Keenan - Founder & CEO, DSMN8
Bradley Keenan
Founder & CEO, DSMN8
We love working with The Sales Developers – coming from outside our industry they quickly learned the lingo and built a process to get us in conversations with more of our target buyers than ever before.
Raj Goyle - Co-CEO Bodhala
Raj Goyle
Co-CEO, Bodhala
For our enterprise segment, the inbound channel was somewhat sparse and unpredictable. However, we were able to triple our average number of enterprise segment meetings with The Sales Developers. We learned that it is absolutely viable and necessary to drive interest and leads through outbound.
Bobby Narang
VP of Sales & Co-Founder, Opensense
We came to The Sales Developers in a limited time and they were able to deliver very, very quickly. It was very easy to access reports and they were great communicating with us on what they were doing and the conversations they were having. We were able to see evidence of what they were doing and it verified an increase in attendees based on the conversations they were having.
David Dulany
Founder and CEO, Tenbound
Here are my actual client numbers showing how important validated data really is: Database list (no validation): 287 contacts, 2.3% dial to connect rate. Database list with validation by The Sales Developers: 154 contacts w/valid numbers, 9% dial to connect rate. If you’re looking for data validation that produces 4X your outbound success, contact The Sales Developers. You won’t regret it.
Kevin Hopp
We were not getting good results with our outbound campaigns. We tried using in-house and external copywriters. The Sales Developers demonstrated to us that they understood our business and had the right background and experience to solve our challenge. They helped us identify our key buyers, design the right message for them, and design the right email cadence, copy, and strategy. Our experience was very insightful and it helped inform other aspects of the business. I would recommend The Sales Developers’ process, quality of work, and value to money.
Ilan Kasan - CEO exceed
Ilan Kasan
CEO, exceed.ai
To get meetings from The Sales Developers is just fantastic because I’m talking to people who are already engaged, in my target, already validated, and the right person within the right organization that I need to talk to. They take a huge portion of the work that a C-Level shouldn’t be spending time on. When you’re the owner of a small company, it needs to get done and you don’t always have the staff or hours, so with them, I get that value of that work being done efficiently and outside my hours.
Arjun Gupta
Arjun Gupta
Co-Founder and CEO, SourceMaven

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