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  1. For any sales reps for whom we’re setting appointments, please provide the following:
    • Rep name
    • Rep email
    • Rep phone
    • Rep calendar link (calendly, etc.)
    • Rep dial-in or video conference link
    • Any special instructions for calendar invites
  2. Any currently successful messaging for this segment of the market
  3. Any data you have committed to sending over (accounts list, leads list, and/or suppression list) 
  4. Any additional resources we can pull from when crafting our messaging and coaching our team (e.g. media kit, sales script, press release, etc.)

Reporting is instantaneous in your client report that you’ll have access to 24/7. Always view your current stats in real time!

You’ll have access to your Account Manager and the SDR Manager via email and phone. To maximize rep efficiency, we limit the amount of direct contact they’re required to have with clients, but we do make them available as needed for feedback sessions and general Q&As.

We’ll send a calendar invitation to your rep and the prospect, then follow up to confirm the meeting ahead of time if they haven’t confirmed. If they don’t confirm, we’ll let your rep know prior to the call. If for some reason the prospect doesn’t attend the meeting, your rep can decide to have us follow up or take the initiative to follow up themselves (which we recommend so as to maximize the value of the next touch point with the prospect).

When you work with Au Partners, you work with an entire team of sales development experts including a dedicated Account Manager, a professional sales copy writer, SDRs, an SDR manager & coach, and an entire team of operational support professionals. We generally have a primary caller and a back up caller in the event that your primary caller is sick or otherwise unable to meet your SLAs. All of our callers are trained on our expert process, so you can be sure they’ll meet the same quality standards.

Launches are scheduled based on our current availabilities. We build and prepare our campaigns within two weeks, but delays occur if clients are unable to provide feedback or necessary information within given timelines. Be sure to ask the Au Partners team member you’re working with what the next few availabilities look like so you can be prepared.

The most common reason for a launch date delay is missing information from the client – if you were unable to provide necessary information to ensure the success of your campaign, you likely experienced a delay. Because of our tight time windows for launches, this delay may be significant. Our goal is to set our partnership on a course for maximum success, so we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that you launch on time with the best data and messaging ready for our SDRs.

We understand that no matter how cleverly you craft your message, your prospect might not pick up the phone or reply to your email. And even if they do pick up or reply, it might not be the right time. So, how much does it take to hit your quota?

We have developed a calculator that we utilize throughout the process in order to determine what your targets should actually look like. It includes real numbers so everything is completely clear and transparent to you. It helps us both understand how many activities you need and the stats behind it to achieve your goals.

We’ll continue to work with you in order to optimize for success as we go along.

After we’ve completed your initial program and are well underway with consistent outbound activities, we can begin mapping a connection between our CRM and yours, assuming certain compatibility requirements are met. We’ll need an admin login to your CRM to allow us to set up the connection, and we’ll likely need to discuss a few technical details. The leads can be synced from our system to yours, but you won’t see activities synced to your CRM. That’s all visible 24/7 in your client report.

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