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Customer Stories

Customer case studies and testimonials for brands that rely on us to provide uniquely adaptable, scalable outbound sales processes.

Shujinko Team

Product Market Fit Through Increased Conversations

In early 2019, we partnered with Shujinko, the team bringing cloud compliance know-how together with software automation to make compliance...

man looking at data on a laptop

4X More Success Through Data Validation

We helped Hopp Consulting Group, a consulting agency specializing in setting up a reliable and scalable outbound sales engine for...

outsourcing cold calling

Meetings Tripled Within Weeks

We helped Opensense, a company that helps turn employee email signatures into marketing opportunities, triple their booked meetings with targeted...

large group sitting in a conference room

Conference Attendees Increase by Over 25%

A research and advisory firm dedicated to upleveling sales development, Tenbound offers expert consulting, training, and coaching programs for companies...

team putting their hands together

From Series A to $173MM Acquisition

Our very first client, RedLock, had a huge exit this week and we could not be more excited for them!...

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