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We Believe in Data that’s Consumable-On-Demand: Just What You Need When You Need It

Data as a Service brings you fully researched, enriched, and validated data.

What is it?

We believe that outbound sales requires a consistent commitment to the process that means you’ve got to be filling the top of your funnel consistently. This service equips you to do just that with data that is:


We ensure that every record matches your exact specifications for your swimlane and ideal personas.


We enrich our records with the data that matters most to you. From direct dial phone numbers to technologies powering their businesses, we do everything we can to maximize your conversions.


We check every record to ensure that (1) email delivers (2) any LinkedIn profile shows the prospect is at the company and (3) phone path is valid.

Why Do You Need It?

Just load up a list into your sequencing tool and let it rip, right? Wrong. Each prospect should only be worked in the channels that are validated in real-time.

Trusted Partners

Data doesn’t mean anything if it is not enabled. With DiscoverOrg’s rich, high quality data, we can help make businesses even more effective in their outbound sales efforts.

What is the Work Product You Should Expect?

Rather than dump a poorly researched, half confirmed list on your lap right out the gates, we deliver weekly batches of perfectly researched prospects.

Dramatically Increase Sales Throughput

According to Salesforce’s State of Sales report, 64% of your reps’ time is spent on non-selling activities (like generating leads lists). We’ll cut that down dramatically.

More Conversations in Less Time

By focusing phone calls on numbers proven to reach your prospects, sales reps will greatly increase their conversation rate.

Greater Message Effectiveness

Since you’re not worried about an email bouncing or the call reaching a fax tone, and you’ve got all the contextual data you need, your reps can spend more time crafting just the right message.

What Our Clients Have To Say

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