SDR as a Service | Scale up outbound sales without hiring

We Remove the Tedious and Time-Consuming Task of Sourcing, Hiring, and Onboarding New Sales Talent

With SDR as a Service, we work side by side with you, leveraging our expertise, to get maximum effectiveness and efficiency right out the gates.

What is it?

We will build, operate, and maintain a scalable system for outbound sales including the sales stack, all necessary contact data, complete messaging, and sales activities. Implementing this service provides:

Perfect Prospecting

We’ve mastered the fundamental formula: target + message + channel + timing. We bring these critical components together in one campaign.

An Entire Team

We provide so much more than simple execution – we’ve got a whole team supporting your campaign all along the way.

Sustained Effort & Scalability

Unlike standard hiring, we guarantee our sales activity levels and can scale up rapidly to reach your sales goals.

Why Do You Need It?

You’re trying to scale up outbound sales efforts. Sourcing, hiring, and on boarding new sales talent is tedious and time-consuming, leaving you with less time for real sales activity.

Our goal is to become an extension of your team, not a vendor. We’ll work side by side with you, leveraging our expertise, to get maximum effectiveness and efficiency right out the gates.

We've Set Incredible Meetings on Behalf of Our Clients!

What Makes this Different from any other Outsourced SDR Agency?

We don’t try to fit your needs into a box – we start with the fundamentals then continually audit and optimize your campaign.

Whether it’s more calls, new messaging, or another channel of communication, we do what it takes to get you into more conversations with your best next customers. Plus, we provide real-time reporting with total visibility into our process, activities, and learnings – no mysteries. We handle both. From invoice paid to dials made.

What is the Work Product You Should Expect?

We provide calls and emails to your next best customer every month. Our SDRs are fully trained, highly qualified sales experts who love converting "never heard of you" into "can’t wait to work with you".

Sourced Leads

We source your ideal prospects and continue to back fill monthly based on your unique Math of Sales.

Qualified follow ups

We add every prospect to a sequence of sales activities to consistently generate conversations, set meetings, and build a strong database of qualified follow ups.

Compelling Messaging

We craft compelling messaging across email, phone, and voicemail for both cold outreach and follow up.

Feedback from Our Clients

We Can Help You Scale Your Outbound Sales Efforts Quickly and Efficiently

Add-ons with SDR as a Service

These add-on services cannot be stand alone and can only be added to our SDR as a Service offering. We expect success, when we see it together, we expect you’ll want more of it.

Double the SDRs

This is like hiring another SDR, without the effort on your part. We’ll double our efforts and continue an outbound campaign with messaging and data.

Double the Dials

Increasing call activity on the same ideal prospects means we’re not losing out on a channel that just requires more sustained effort. If conversations are converting to meetings, but those conversations take significant effort, it’s time to turn up the dials.

Video as a Service

We deliver branded, 1:1 videos to your ideal prospects, highlighting your primary value proposition as it relates to them specifically.
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