Persona Based Messaging | Targeting multiple personas in 1 campaign

Can we target multiple personas/industries in 1 campaign?

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Can we target multiple personas/industries in 1 campaign?

Before we discuss our thoughts on targeting multiple personas in one campaign and generic messaging vs persona based messaging, let’s start with what we consider a campaign.

When we say “campaign,” we mean something very specific. This is a breakdown of how campaigns work with us (and how we think they should work for all outbound sales processes). You’ll see that it comes down to an obsession with focus that helps us to eliminate wasted effort.

It starts with a goal. What do you want to achieve?
E.g. Drive awareness, learn something, set a meeting.

Then we determine the target & build a curated list.
Target = 1 type of company, 1 persona.

We leverage the persona-based messaging in two channels: phone and email. Phone earns us first conversations and email combines with phone for follow up conversations after we determine timing.

We suggest targeting 1 persona or industry per campaign. Why not multiple types?

Generic messaging vs persona based messaging = average results vs extraordinary results. Everyone else is doing the lazy version of this (“spray and pray”), so to get results that exceed the average, we have to be more focused. There are just two exceptions to this rule:

  1. When you’re trying to learn what types of companies or personas to target, it’s okay to open up more types of prospects, but you want to match the message to the problem you solve and ask good questions.
  2. Additionally, when you want to drive awareness to a broader swath of people about your brand via assets or events, the more open approach works well.
See below for some examples of how we set up campaigns. Contact us here if you have questions on how you can set up your campaigns.

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