SDR to AE Handoff | How can I improve handoffs from SDRs to AEs?

How can I improve handoffs from SDRs to AEs?

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How can I improve handoffs from SDRs to AEs?

In order to improve the SDR to AE handoff, you should start by answering this question: What is the maximum value of a conversation between a prospect and an SDR? To us, that’s earning a meeting.

If your SDR is focused on earning new meetings, they should spend their time on that and ensuring that those meetings hold.

What about when a prospect needs to reschedule or ghosts? Isn’t it the SDR’s job to follow up?
We don’t think it should be and here’s why:

  1. If the SDR follows up and gets into a conversation with the prospect, the only thing they can do is schedule another meeting. There’s no value exchanged.
  2. If the AE follows up and gets into that same conversation, they can answer questions to pique the interest of the prospect, qualify them further, and of course get the meeting back on the books. There is the opportunity for a value exchange.

We’ve built a playbook on making meetings hold and how to improve the SDR to AE handoff. It’s free in UpLevel. Just log in and look for “AE Guide For Making Outbound Meetings Hold.”

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