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How do our tools work?

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How do our tools work?

Wondering what sales tools we use and how we integrate them into our process?

Here is the high level diagram of how our tech stack works:

Tools Diagram

As you can see, Salesforce acts as the central database and other tools plug into it, sending a receiving data as needed. The client portal allows our clients to see in real-time all data and activities related to their campaigns.


We’ve built on Salesforce due to it’s massive plugin library and robust API. This means we can add any tool we need based on our processes, rather than having to bend our processes to the available features of a more restrictive technology.


This is a powerful dialing service that pairs technology with actual labor so that our SDRs never deal with a voicemail, gatekeeper, or IVR. ConnectAndSell’s dialing team does that for us and simply connects our SDRs into conversations where the desired prospect has already picked up. It sounds like magic but the core of it is simply the “human-navigated dial,” meaning someone actually dials the IVR, for example, but not our rep.


While the majority of our first attempts are made using ConnectAndSell, there are many times where we want to follow a slightly different process. If you never speak to gatekeepers, you can’t gather information from them. If you only deploy pre-recorded voicemail drops, you can’t personalize the information for follow up. In these cases, we load lists into PhoneBurner and use its efficient 1:1 dialing feature to “power dial” through and get to more conversations.


We work in Google Chrome and Gmail, which allow us to plug in additional tools like Salesforce’s chrome extension that lets us pull in email templates and log emails to Salesforce.

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