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How many meetings should I expect from an SDR?

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How many meetings should I expect from an SDR?

There are two factors at play when it comes to the success of your team before you set up expectations for SDR meetings.

The first is your campaign’s design. Are you targeting the right people with the most compelling message in a channel they prefer at a time that makes sense? Without this critical campaign design, the rest doesn’t matter and your SDR will flounder.

The second factor is your SDR herself. How much consistent sales activity does she perform daily and what is her skill level? If she’s new and following industry averages, she’ll have 5 or fewer conversations a day and take 6+ months to ramp to peak performance, so the numbers will grow very slowly. If she’s advanced and leveraging technologies like ConnectAndSell, her numbers will improve dramatically from the average.

“Yeah but what are the averages?”

Our friends at The Bridge Group put out a yearly report with self-reported data from SDRs at companies of all sizes. HERE is their report from 2018 and a few high level stats to whet your appetite:

  • 37-53 dials per day
  • 5.1 quality conversations per day
  • 9.1 attempts per prospect
  • 63% of respondents used 4 of more tools (average was 4) 
  • $371/rep/month spent on average for acceleration tools (not including CRM)

Use our Math of Sales calculator HERE to help determine what it takes to hit your quota. If you have more questions about SDR meetings or setting success up for your team, contact us here.

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