Your outbound sales goal | What are the goals of Outbound?

What are the goals of Outbound?

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What are the goals of Outbound?

This answer to determine your outbound sales goal comes from Jeb Blount’s classic book, Fanatical Prospecting.

Outbound should always start with one of these goals: 1) Gather information 2) Create awareness 3) Set meeting 4) Close deal

Why is this so important? A campaign should have a singular focus and goal so you can determine to what degree it was successful. If you reach out to prospects to set a meeting and/or drive awareness, how do you measure success? The number of meetings? New visitors on your website?

By setting a single specific goal, we build outbound campaigns with tighter targeting and messaging. We have smarter follow up. We see greater results, and we know how we achieved them.

Here at Au Partners, we turned our “SDR-as-a-Service” program into four different packages based on these goals so as to set the right expectations across our clients and our internal teams. We know what we’re setting out to achieve.

If you are struggling to develop a modern outbound sales program or determine your outbound sales goal, let us know and we can help you better align your goals so you can attain your growth and revenue objectives and dominate your market.

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