Sales Recovery Plan | COVID-19 Response Plan for Sales Recovery

COVID-19 Response Plan for Sales Recovery

Recover sales quickly moving into the next phase of COVID-19.

Au Partners here is to help you grow.

COVID-19 caused many sales teams to take a hit. Whether you had to let go of your team or you’re still hanging on, but sales are slow, you need a disaster recovery plan for your sales team. When the dust settles and everything goes back to “normal”, you're left with hiring or accelerating your current team.

Fast Results

With the amount of professionals looking for jobs, it will be “candidate overwhelm” trying to vet through lists, then it will take a couple months to onboard and train. You need more sales now, so our plan allows you to skip that hiring roadblock and ramp up a sales team within 2 weeks.

Accelerate Current Team

Your team will have to expedite sales again to markets that may not be as receptive after what COVID has delivered. We can be that added layer of security for your current team to quickly drive your sales during recovery.
We’ll feed highly qualified leads and meetings to your team to take action on.

Save Your Time (and Money)

What's so special about our recovery plans? You don't have to spend any extra time or money on callers, technology, or marketing.

No Callers

No Technology

No Marketing

Our Process

What's so special about our recovery plans? You don't have to spend any extra time or money on callers, technology, or marketing.



We develop a strategy and custom messaging based on your goals, then source, research, and validate email, social and phone data around your ideal buyers.



We have conversations for you to grow your pipeline and fill up your calendar with meetings. It’s like having a fully staffed sales team, but you only have to show up to close deals.



We will continue to work by your side and be an extension of your team. We’ll measure success, make recommendations, and pivot to help you grow.

A recovery plan to enter into a new normal.

Save time – If you have no capacity or a small budget, it doesn’t mean you have to be without a fully managed sales team. We provide you with the capabilities of 4 SDRs for the price of one.

Save hiring budgets – It’s always a risk to hire, not to mention the time and money it will take to vet an inundation of candidates, then the couple months to onboard them. You need meetings now. Skip all the effort and get a fully managed sales team ramped in 2 weeks.

Meetings set

Meetings we've set on behalf of our clients!

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Recovery Plan Benefits

Full Funnel​

Build funnels of follow up that produce every month.

More Conversations

Engage your next best customers through real conversations, driving toward qualified meetings.

Quick Optimization​

We’re experts at testing messaging, so we can learn what works for you in this new phase and quickly navigate from there.

WFH Teams

It can be hard to manage WFH teams the same way as before. We can help keep the momentum going during an uneasy time.


We were able to triple our average number of enterprise segment meetings with Au Partners. We learned that it is absolutely viable and necessary to drive interest and leads through outbound.”

Bobby Narang
VP of Sales & Co-Founder, Opensense

Ensure your company grows as you rise out of COVID.

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