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Meetings Tripled Within Weeks

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We helped Opensense, a company that helps turn employee email signatures into marketing opportunities, triple their booked meetings with targeted prospects within just a few weeks of launching their outbound campaign.

Here’s what we did:

The Challenge

Opensense was looking for new ways to drive business growth outside their traditional inbound channels and strategies. They were eager to try outbound tactics but were unsure how to get started and didn’t want to take on the tedious task of hiring and training a new sales team.

The Solution

When Opensense saw that Au Partners were able to easily launch their outbound campaigns within just a few weeks, they knew they would be a great fit. VP of Sales & Co-Founder, Bobby Narang, said, “Being able to get going and see some impact based on the investment that you’re making, like getting meetings booked and having them in the first couple weeks of enabling Au Partners, was pretty exciting.”

The Results

Au Partners launched a targeted campaign that helped Opensense book meetings with prospects who were a perfect fit for their product. Narang said, “You just never really know what you’re going to get, but everybody I spoke with was the right person. I was really impressed.”

Working with Au Partners helped Opensense book meetings with the right people, but adding the outbound channel to their business increased their pipeline of new potential customers.

“For our enterprise segment, the inbound channel was somewhat sparse and unpredictable. However, we were able to triple our average number of enterprise segment meetings with Au Partners. We learned that it is absolutely viable and necessary to drive interest and leads through outbound.”

If you’re looking for results like Opensense, we’re available for a conversation here.

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