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4X More Success Through Data Validation

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We helped Hopp Consulting Group, a consulting agency specializing in setting up a reliable and scalable outbound sales engine for their clients, quadruple their outbound success through data validation.

Here’s what we did:

The Challenge

Hopp Consulting Group started using big data companies that weren’t producing accurate data. And accurate data was a crucial part in targeting executives, VPs, and big box retailers. This resulted in wasted time and money trying to reach prospects in channels that led nowhere (e.g. bounced emails, wrong phone numbers, incorrect job titles). This posed a greater challenge to help their clients develop their sales funnels. It slowed down their processes as up to 40% of calls never reached the intended prospect.

The Solution

To solve for inaccurate data, Hopp Consulting Group tried resources like Upwork and Elance to get human validated lists. This created a scattered ecosystem to manage, so they turned to Au Partners, the one-stop-shop for multichannel validation. Founder & CEO, Kevin Hopp, said, “The fact that I can trust the phone numbers that I’m getting are 100% validated is unparalleled quality when you’re looking at potential lead sources.”

The Results

“After using Au Partners’ data, I saw four times the increase in my connection rates. And in my business, connection and conversions are crucial,” Kevin stated, “Some clients think specialized data like this seems expensive, but it is nowhere near as expensive when it takes four times as long to have the same amount of conversations.”

Besides the ease of use and fast turnaround time to get high quality data through Au Partners, Hopp Consulting Group found significant differences when comparing their old and new data. In one example, an old list had a 2.3% dial to connect rate for one of their clients. With validation through Au Partners, that same client was able to achieve a 9% dial to connect rate.

“When it comes to B2B sales, data is super important because there’s so many data sources out there, and everyone’s trying to sell you the same “data”. But the only way to really know that you’re driving efficiency is to use 100% verified phone numbers. And that is a difference that Au Partners provide that no one else does. And that’s very important for B2B outbound sales. If you’re looking for data validation that produces 4X your outbound success, contact Au Partners. You won’t regret it.”

If you’re looking for results like Hopp Consulting Group, contact us know here.


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