Conference Attendees Increase by Over 25% | Increase Event Attendance

Conference Attendees Increase by Over 25%

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A research and advisory firm dedicated to upleveling sales development, Tenbound offers expert consulting, training, and coaching programs for companies of all sizes. For the past several years, they have been hosting the world’s only sales conference that is solely focused on sales development. When they needed to increase event attendance and ramp up engagement in a short amount of time close to the event date, Tenbound turned to Au Partners to increase attendees.

The Challenge

Being a lean company, Tenbound put their main focus on the logistics and content that goes into developing a big conference. They struggled to find the time to reach out to people over the phone to have conversations. Founder and CEO, David Dulany, said, “It took us a lot of time to realize we weren’t going to be able to have enough of the conversations we needed to do it ourselves based on the limited bandwidth we have.”

The Solution

Tenbound had to decide between diverting their limited time to increasing sales activities with their internal team or working with a trusted partner. As CEO, David had even less time to get a vendor up to speed, so he had to rely on experts he knew could build, run, and optimize a campaign with little oversight. He described the process as seamless: “We came to Au Partners in a limited time and they were able to deliver very, very quickly.”

The Results

Within weeks, Au Partners were able to drive over 25% more attendees to the event, a tremendous success for the organizers. As for day-to-day interactions, David explained, “It was very easy to access reports and they were great communicating with us on what they were doing and the conversations they were having. We were able to see evidence of what they were doing and it verified an increase in attendees based on the conversations they were having.”

We love to see our clients succeed! If you’re looking for results like Tenbound’s to increase event attendance, learn more here or contact us here

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