From Series A to $173MM Acquisition - The Sales Developers

From Series A to $173MM Acquisition

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Our very first client had a huge exit this week and we could not be more excited for them!

Here’s the TechCrunch article on RedLock’s acquisition by security giant Palo Alto Networks.

So where do The Sales Developers fit into this story?

We met with RedLock’s CEO, Varun Badhwar, when he was in the middle of hiring a dozen field reps to get his product into the hands of enterprise buyers like VMWare and 21st Century Fox.

He knew that his new reps could close if they got in front of the buyer, but getting them there was going to be a challenge.

IT buyers are totally inundated.

We put together a program including cold emailing and cold calling that generated massive pipeline and put them on track for their best months ever.

But let’s have Varun tell the story in his own words.

“The Sales Developers installed a repeatable process for our team and solved the challenge of bandwidth.

Within weeks the team was having more conversations with the right people than we had in the six months prior.”


We love to see our clients succeed! If you’re looking for results like RedLock’s, we’re available for a conversation. Contact us here.

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