Data Part 3: What do you do with the list? | Eliminate wasted sales effort

Data Part 3: What do you do with the list?

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If you’ve been following our series, you know you need a list that’s just the right size (you know, like Goldilocks). And it should be 100% validated in real-time in order to eliminate wasted sales effort.

But once you’ve got the quality leads, the Glengarry Glen Ross leads, what do you do with them?

If you’ve built a series of prospecting activities in a tool like Outreach or Salesloft, you’re probably dropping leads into those funnels based on their industry or other qualification criteria. One criteria you may not have thought of is the most likely channel to reach them on.

For example:

Susan Smith has three validated channels so she’ll fit great into the sequence that covers all three available channels.

Mark Sanders isn’t worth calling until your research team can find you a good phone number to dial, but you can drop him into an email and social sequence.

Pablo Rodriguez likely isn’t worth reaching out to via LinkedIn, but you can try him over email and phone all day long.

Yes, it adds some complexity to how you build your workflow, but it also eliminates a lot of wasted effort in channels that are dramatically less likely to convert to conversations and sales opportunities.


Here at The Sales Developers, our sales reps don’t waste their time on this. When we stopped making calls on numbers that we couldn’t validate with our research team, we saw our connection rates double overnight.

Despite (and perhaps because of) the availability of contact data, reaching your next best customer is harder than ever – it’s critical to maximize every attempt.

If you have questions about how to deploy this strategy into your current workflows, let us know. We’d be happy to show you how it’s helping our team produce consistent sales opportunities at 3-5X higher velocity than most.

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