Cold Calling Techniques | How To Make Your Cold Calls 4X More Effective

Webinar Recap: How To Make Your Cold Calls 4X More Effective

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We know cold calling is hard. You have to do so much work, but you’re only going to turn a fraction of your attempts into conversations (and most of those aren’t even moving forward), but these cold calling techniques will help.

In this webinar, Ryan Reisert and our friend and sales coach from Southwestern Consulting, Jamie Hourahan, teamed up to discuss how to be more practical with cold calling and scripts. They explain how to adapt your message to each persona and how to sell to the other 75% of prospects who are not like you.You can get the full recording below.

Here are a few key takeaways:

1. What it takes to sell

The math of cold calling is really hard… and it includes a lot of daily activity. Yet, it’s actually not as intimidating as it should be. Why? Because it always comes down to the four key fundamentals of sales that we do have control over:

  • Target – Who you’re selling to.
  • Message – What you are saying to your market.
  • Channel – How you are delivering your message.
  • Timing – When you are reaching your target market.

2. Selling to the other 75% (those who aren’t like you)

Once you know your target and who you’re trying to sell to, there are still different personality types to consider. Specifically, there are four behavior styles that your buyer falls under: fighter, entertainer, detective, or counselor. The key to making your cold calls 4X more effective is in your ability to adapt to each behavior. In this webinar, we shared Jamie’s magic cold call framework to help you identity what behavior style your prospect has so you’ll have a foundation that can be modified for your message for each personality.

3. How to adapt your message to each persona

The key to adapting your message to each persona is to: solidify, identify, and modify. First of all, solidify who your target market and what personality they have. Then, identify which of the four behavior styles they are and whether they are a fighter, entertainer, detective, or counselor. Lastly, modify your selling style based on the customer’s buying style. By doing this, you’ll set more appointments, build trust, communicate your value, influence the next step, and create quicker buying decisions.

We’d love to hear if you have any tips on how you handle different buyer styles in the comments below.

If you have questions or want to know about our next webinar, contact us here and we’ll fill you in on the details!

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