Webinar Recap: Building & Scaling Sales Development

Webinar Recap: Building & Scaling Sales Development

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Webinar Recap: Building & Scaling Sales Development

According to The Bridge Group, since 2010, SDR compensation has remained flat, while AE compensation has increased by 52%. Where is the disconnect and what does that mean for the future of sales development?

In this webinar, Ryan Reisert, Trish Bertuzzi (Founder & CEO @ The Bridge Group) and Marcus Knight (Director of Sales @ Textio) discussed some hard topics like this around the future of sales development, like why is it that we hire two SDRs, just to let one go? And does the future even need SDRs?

If you’re a sales enablement leader, you can take away some effective sales hiring strategies to immediately adopt today, plus gain best practices in making those new hires successful.

Watch the recording here:

Here’s a quick preview of just a few of the key takeaways from our presenters around effective hiring strategies you can adopt today:

Ryan Reisert

In an effort to create a company culture that cares about their employees, Ryan says to make sure that you have a clear path outlined for your SDRs. Not only does this mean setting up expectations for their role and what they should achieve, but it also means discussing their goals and assessing their strengths to see if they can grow into another position later on. This means looking at the bigger picture and clearly defining how they can grow within your organization, whether that be to an AE position or to another department altogether (e.g. marketing or finance). 

Marcus Knight

At Textio, Marcus tackles ambiguity in a startup environment by hiring in cohorts so that SDRs can learn from one another. A particularly helpful practice they have new hires go through is tackling a list of valid and invalid outbound emails to see how well the team prioritizes the list. He also advises to pay attention to how well they are able to receive feedback.

Trish Bertuzzi

In order to find more A-player talent, Trish is a fan of Mark Roberge’s strategy outlined in his book, The Sales Acceleration Formula. He advises to look at the top players in your company, then go through their LinkedIn profiles to see who they are connected to that you could possibly recruit.

Watch the recording to get the full scope of hiring strategies, plus find out what the future looks like for your team.


If you have additional questions about hiring strategies, contact us here and we can chat about your goals.

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