Webinar Recap: The Mindset of Champion Salespeople

Webinar Recap: The Mindset of Champion Salespeople

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Au Partners Webinar The Mindset of Champion Salespeople

Talent and skill will get you far in life, but it’s having the right champion mindset in sales that can truly make or break your success. It’s the aspect of your career that will enhance your execution on everything. It improves your approach to solving problems, closing deals, and your entire sales process.

In this webinar, former SVP of Sales at PatientPop, Justin Welsh, joined Rex Biberston to discuss what it takes to be a top-notch sales professional. From two individuals who have taken their careers and mindsets into their own hands, you’ll learn how to be a differentiator, plus:

  • How to take control and crush your quotas
  • What traits make a true champion salesperson
  • Effective ways to leverage challenges into achievements

Watch the recording here:

Key takeaways:

1. Crush your quotas.

Having the right mindset may sound like a fluffy topic. The focus should be on making sure demos show up or deals close, right? Numbers are important, however, it’s all for not without being a salesperson with a strong mindset. Whether you’re a rep or a leader, that is the precursor to hitting any goal. A salesperson with the mindset of success, accountability, and drive to be excellent at their craft, makes your overall sales process naturally improve. The right mindset is the key cornerstone to success and training yourself to have the right mindset will ensure better execution on everything.

2. Traits of a true champion salesperson.

It is vital that you own your own future. You should be setting your own goals and ultimately own your success. Regardless of where you go, if you’re a champion salespeople, then you should be enabling yourself to be your best. It’s not greener on the other side. If you did that, you’d be looking for a lifetime. It’s actually up to you to water your own grass where you are now.

Since life is a marathon and not a sprint, consistency is also important. Consistency means making improvements one step at a time to avoid burnout. It’s also vital to be a person of grit. One who is persistent to solve problems and not afraid to face challenges. That means if you find yourself blaming your manager that you aren’t getting the help you need, think about what you can do to solve that. Is it a matter of improving your skills, Googling to find an answer, or do you need a tool that you can find on your own? Having grit also means you have the ability to easily adapt. Don’t get stuck in your own way, but rather start finding solutions no matter what the circumstances (aka don’t stay stagnant!).

3. Leverage challenges into achievements.

Champion salespeople are those that actually care about their future and put effort into self education to increase their skills. They take action and help themselves or find out how to get help from others. Helping yourself can come in many forms, such as setting goals, having physical reminders (a post above your desk), reading (self education), or taking a course to improve a skill. Getting help from others isn’t a sign of weakness, but rather is another aspect of taking your career into your own hands. It can include getting a coach or mentor, surrounding yourself with the right people, or simply taking action to ask for help when you need it. Don’t wait around for someone to help you, but rather go out and find it yourself.


Let us know in the comments how you’ve taken your career into your own hands or in what areas you could improve.

If you need help becoming a champion salesperson, check out Justin’s coaching services here or contact Au Partners here.

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